Texas Prison Guards Fired--Allegedly Tried to Frame Inmate

Four guards in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Ramsey unit in Brazoria County have been fired, after they allegedly planted two screwdrivers in an inmates cell, so they could write him up and meet disciplinary quotas imposed by supervisers, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

A major who supervised the guards has been allowed to resign.Jennifer Ersherback of the Texas Prisoners Families Association says this isn't an isolated case, and the lives of many inmates have been harmed by an alleged effort to 'make up' disciplinary infractions to meet a 'quota.'

"We're talking about people who lose their parole, we are talking about people who are kicked out of a four degree program at Ramsey," she said.  "We are talking about people who are shipped out of state and lose the ability to see their families."

Prison spokesman Jeremy Desal stressed that this is an 'isolated case.'"One of the core values of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is integrity," he said.  "Any violation of the public trust will not be tolerated.  The agency is committed to fully investigating and taking swift action in any such case."

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