Tolerance for 'Jokes' Regarding School Violence Fading to Zero

Hey, kids!  The number of people who think 'jokes' about school violence are funny or cute has fallen to zero.

News Radio 1200 WOAI reports the latest incident comes from Metzger Middle School in the Judson ISD, where three students 'made calls to the school office that were threatening in nature.'

Officials said traces put on the three calls did come back to a cell phone, and the three students admitted to placing the calls, and their parents were notified.

Just like the kid at Steele High School or the three teens in Seguin, these three, or coure, claimed it was a 'joke.'

But after Parkland and Santa Fe, the laughing has stopped.

School officials say the students could face punishment ranging from 'significant time in alternative school' to expulsion, and they could also face criminal charges of 'Terroristic Threat,' which would make the rest of their lives a lot harder, with access to college and jobs limited by a criminal charge which may or not be expunged.

Just yesterday a student at Steele High School was charged with the same offense for setting up his WiFi hot spot as 'Steele High School Shooter.'

Not funny.

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