Record Hot Weather May Be On The Way

The heat-o-meter is being cranked up to 11 this week in San Antonio, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The National Weather Service says the all time record high in the Alamo City for June 1, 101 degrees, was set way back in the Wild West Days of 1887, but that record will probably fall on Friday, as triple digit temperatures are on the way.

Forecasters say we will stay in the upper nineties today and probably tomorrow, but by Thursday we will crack triple digits, and highs of 103 to 105 are not out of  reach for this coming weekend and early the first week of June.

With the mercury testing new highs, Lisa Norwood of San Antonio’s Animal Care Services says it is really important to remember outdoor pets.

“Fresh water and shelter aren’t just the good idea, that’s also the law,” Norwood said.  “And when we say shelter, that’s not just a piece of plywood propped up against the fence.”

She says the law requires that outdoor animals during hot days receive adequate fresh water, and she says when it gets this hot, don’t use a metal bowl, she says that can reflect the sun and make that water boiling hot.

She says, yes, we hear a lot about the ‘dog paddle’ and see a lot of cute videos of dogs swimming, but not all dogs can swim, and many of them panic in the water, so don’t throw your puppy in the pool.

“Pets can easily get tired and they can drown,” she said.  “It is also very easy for your pet to ingest so much water that can become a health hazard.”

She says very old pets are also subject to overheating.

And above all, don’t even think about leaving your pet in a hot car during this weather. 

 She says you as a citizen can’t break the window if you see a suffering animal in a car, but the police can, so call them.

“Call 9-1-1, call Animal Care Services, call the police department immediately.”

The super hot and super dry weather will also take its toll on the Aquifer.We are already in Stage One water restrictions, and the Aquifer is now down to 654 feet and falling.

If this super hot and dry weather continues into mid June, Stage Two restrictions are a possibility.

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