New S.A. Store Selling Zero THC Cannabidiol

Changes in state and federal law, as well as new technology, have allowed the opening of businesses in Texas selling zero THC cannabidiol (CBD), and a new outlet on the north side, The Botannical Shoppe at 1604 and Blanco, is one of the first in Texas to offer completely zero THC CBD as a health supplement, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Owner Mike Sanders says the store is not a ‘head shop’ or a ‘vape shop’ and its products have nothing to do with marijuana.

“We extract all the THC as well,” he said.  “You don’t get the psychoactive effect, you just get the healing powers of the CBD.”

CBD is generally extracted not from marijuana, but from hemp, a related botanical product.  Since it doesn’t include THC, it also doesn’t carry the paranoia, anxiety, or ‘munches’ which is associated with marijuana products.  It is also not addictive.

He says the Chinese three thousands years ago understood the anti inflammatory properties of CBD, and he says that’s what his products, which are sold as oil, ointments to rub on muscles, pills, and even gummies are for.

“Every ailment that we suffer on a daily basis, whether it be arthritis, aching back, anxiety, depression, all start with some sort of imflammation in the body,” he says.

The future of CBD sales in Texas is still up in the air.  The Department of State Health Services has proposed testing CDB products before authorizing their sale to make sure they don’t contain contaminants like mold or pesticides, a proposal which has been supported by the Medical Cannabis Association of Texas. 

 But the MCAT is opposing any efforts by regulators or the Legislature to restict or outlaw the sale of no THC CBD.

Dr. Lang Coleman, a clinical neuropsychologist that spent 22 years in U.S. Army Psychiatry, that now serves as CEO of Alamo CBD, also opposes the measure. "Safe tested CBD oil has demonstrated its efficacy in treating a number of illnesses that are common in our Texas population," Coleman said. "Mitch McConnell, the Republican senate majority leader, has proposed legalized hemp in the United States. Texas needs rules in anticipation of more use of CBD products, not to take the completely unnecessary step of blindly banning the product that could very soon be legal federally. Any law that bans rather than regulates, punishes consumers who benefit from this medicine."

Sanders cited one 88 year old man who was directed to the Botannical Shoppe for CBD products to relieve the pains of old age.  Sanders says he was leery of the product, coming from the ‘Reefer Madness’ generation, where any association with marijuana was considered suspicious.

“He definitely had some apprehension but he was suffering from chronic pains,” Sanders recalls.  “He started, and just within two weeks he noticed a huge difference, and he started asking her for more.”

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