Witte Premieres 'Scary' Dinosaur Exhibit

The Witte Museum is known for its dinosaurs, the museum even has dino tracks running across the front of the building on Broadway.

But News Radio 1200 WOAI reports you have never seen dinosaurs like this.

With a roar and a squeak, the Witte tomorrow opens 'Predators vs. Prey, Dinosaurs in the Land Before Texas' at the Mays Family Center at the Witte.

"Why are they so astonishingly real, and in that way, a little bit frightening," Witte CEO Marise McDermott asked.

And real they are.

This isn't a static display of reconstruction dinosaurs, this is a realistic animatronic exhibition where the dinos walk, roar, and even fight other dinosaurs.  You can even participate in augmented reality videos where you fight a charging dinosaur.

Philanthropist Susan Naylor, who underwrote the exhibition, says she's never seen anything like it.

"Very realistic, very scary, but lots of stuff in there that you can learn from too, the fossils that tie everything together.

"The exhibition features the dinosaurs that lived in what is now Texas 100 million years ago.

"Each dinosaur in the exhibit is displayed in an environment reflecting the geography, geology, and flora of the period in which it lived," said Dr. Thomas Adams, the Witte's Curator of Paleontology.

There are also numerous dinosaur fossils that can be compared to the animitronic dinos that are roaring and fighting in front of you.

Adams says the fossils themselves are very rare, because dinosaur fossils are seldom found in Texas.

The exhibition runs through September 6, and will feature numerous special events for students over the summer.

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