Federal Judge Orders Texas to Follow Federal 'Motor Voter Law'

A Federal Judge in San Antonio ruled late Monday that Texas must do a better job of adhering to a Clinton-era federal law called the 'Motor Voter Act,' which requires that the voter registration cards of eligible citizens be automatically updated when they obtain or renew a drivers license, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"One point five million Texans update their drivers license each year, and many of those people have thought their voter information had been updated when they gave that information to DPS," Beth Stevens of the Texas Civil Rights Project told News Radio 1200 WOAI.  "Now that will become a reality."

Officials had long complained that Texas did not follow 'Motor Voter regulations' when people renewed their drivers license on line in violation of the law.  The state said that is because Texas does not allow on line voter registration.  The state plans to appeal.S

Stevens says it has not been uncommon over the years for Texans to show up at the polling place intending to vote, only to find that they are not registered.

"The state has been ordered to change its system to allow for voter registration for voter registration updates, when people transact with DPS on line for their drivers license," she said.

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