Abbott to Open 'Round Table Discussions' on School Safety


Governor Abbott tomorrow will hold his first 'Round Table discussion' on school safety improvements, and he laid out the priorities at a memorial in Santa Fe on Sunday for the eight students and two teachers who were murdered on Friday, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"These include things like speeding background checks, they also include strategies to keep guns out of the hands of those who pose an immediate danger," he said.

Abbott says additional measures will also be discussed.

"They include provide additional resources to schools, so they have safety officers who can respond," he said. "You will also have more of what can be called 'hardening' of schools."

Abbott has also called for a 'moment of silence' at 10AM this morning in honor of the ten victims.  1200 WOAI will go silent for a brief period as part of the moment of silence.

At the Santa Fe ISD, Assistant Superintendent Patti Hansard said last night the schools will remain closed today.

"Our students and staff will need support to help them recover," she said.  "Their personal grieving and healing will be a long process for them and for the entire community."

She says there will be counselors, grief support personnel, and additional security in place when Santa Fe schools re-open.  The last day of school is June 1.

But there are also strong calls for action on guns following the Friday shooting.

Houston Police Chiet Art Acevedo says he is tired of 'thoughts and prayers' being offered, without any action on guns.

"We need to start using ballot initiatives and ballot measures out of the hands of people who are doing nothing," he said.  "The people at the state level and the federal level in many places in our country are not doing anything but offering prayers."

San Antonio City Councilman Cruz Shaw, who represents the city's east side, agrees that now is the time for action.

"As elected officials, we must take a stand on gun legislation now. I challenge every elected official to take a stand and work to promote gun legislation that will better protect our loved ones," Shaw said.  "At the municipal level of government, we are extremely limited in what we can do locally to address violence - especially without action from the state and federal levels of government. What we can do as a community is continue to pressure members of Congress to call for action on common-sense gun safety legislation. We can also continue supporting the work of organizations like Moms Demand Action.

"Those who have lost their lives to senseless gun violence deserve more than just prayers. Their families deserve more than prayers. Our nation deserves more than prayers. We need action."


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