Sorry, San Antonio--You're Still Fat

Put down that third breakfast taco, fatty.

San Antonio has, once again, turned up at the bottom of another list, ranking the nation's fattest and fittest cities, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg is not surprised about the ranking, but he says that city council has taken steps to fix it.

"We're making strategic investments in open space and green space for people to utilize," he says.

The annual American Fitness Index has San Antonio at 68 out of 100 big cities.  It shows that a full 37-percent of the population is obese and 26-percent with high blood pressure.

The study goes on to say that one-in-ten San Antonians have been diagnosed with diabetes.  

Exercise plays a big part in the study.  Only 36-percent of San Antonians live within ten minutes of a park.

The study also looked at smoking, where San Antonio ranked high.  One in ten San Antonians use tobacco.  

Mayor Nirenberg says that's why council moved to raise the smoking age to 21.

"There's a lot to it other than exercise to establish better community health, and that includes tobacco cessation."

The study ranked Arlington, VA as the healthies city.  Oklahoma City was at the bottom.

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