Deputy Chief: Dead Gunman Opened Fire on Officers

San Antonio Deputy Police Chief Anthony Trevino says a man who was shot to death by police last night had been walking down Iowa Street on the east side waving a gun at people, and had menaced individuals at a bus stop, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Trevino says after several reports came in of the man walked down the street threatening people with the gun, an SAPD officer in the area arrived at the location, and honked his car horn to get the man’s attention.

“The individual had his back toward the officer, and immediately turned and spun toward the officer,” Trevino said. “And he opened fire on the officer. The officer returned fire from the inside of his vehicle.”

At that point, Trevino says a VIA Metro Transit Police Officer arrived, and also engaged the man.

“After that, the individual moved back from the location,” he said. “The SAPD officer repositioned himself and continued to fire at the individual.  The individual traveled a short distance, maybe about 14 yards, and then dropped right there.”

The man or his motive have not been identified. Neither of the officers was hurt.

The SAPD officer is a thirty year veteran of the force. Trevino says the VIA Metro Transit officer is a one year veteran.

This is the third civilian death involving SAPD in three days.  Early Saturday, a bicyclist was killed when he was hit by a patrol car on a south side street. Late Saturday, a man who became ‘belligerent’ with officers and had to be tazed died in police custody. Police wrongdoing is not suspected in any of the three cases.

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