Most Popular Baby Names Released


Emma and Liam top the list of popular baby names in the U.S.  The Social Security Administration says Liam claimed the title for the first time in 2017, but it's the fourth straight year for Emma.  For the first time since World War Two, Michael has fallen out of the top ten, coming in at number 12.  Emily also fell out of the top ten for the first time in nearly thirty years.  There has been an increase in traditional female names, keeping with the trend of naming daughters after grandmothers. 

Rank: Male name-Female name

1 Liam-Emma 

2  Noah-Olivia

3 William-Ava

4 James-Isabella

5 Logan-Sophia

6 Benjamin-Mia

7 Mason-Charlotte

8 Elijah-Amelia

9 Oliver-Evelyn

10 Jacob-Abigail

Find out where your name ranks and a complete list of all top baby names on Social Security's website:

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