Man Dies After Being Hit by a Police Car

A man in his 60s was killed late Friday when he was hit by a San Antonio police car while he was riding his bike on a south side street, officials tell News Radio 1200 WOAI.

Police say police got a call for loud music on Somerset Rd a little before midnight, and two patrol cars assigned to the south substation were on their way.

As the second patrol car was driving through the intersection of Somerset and LaVioleta, two men on bicycles were also driving through the intersection.

The officer told investigators that the men disregarded the stop sign on LaVioleta and drove into the path of his patrol car.

The patrol car did not have its siren and  lights activated, because it was not an emergency call.

The officer said he didnt see the two men until they appeared in his headlights.. The first man managed to avoid the police car, but the car struck the second bicyclist, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Tests will be performed to determine whether the victim may have been intoxicated.. Police say the bicyclist who was not struck showed signs of being intoxicated.

The officer, a four year veteran, will be placed on desk duty while the case i investigated and turned over to the District Attorney.

The officer will also be subjected to drug and alcohol screening, which is standard for cases of this type.

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