Wonder Woman Six Flags Coaster Opens to the Public Saturday

Wonder Woman takes flight at Six Flags Fiesta Texas this weekend.T

wo years in planning and construction, the coaster opens to the public on Saturday, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The park's Sydne Purvis says it is the world's first 'single rail' roller coaster.

"You travel, you race, actually along a single I-beam track," she said.  "It's really just 15 1/2 inches wide."

Because, unlike the traditional 'railroad style' tracks, you can't see the rail which runs under the cars, which increases the sensation of flying.And she says the ride itself is special.

"There are a number of very tight twists and turns, there is a 90 degree straight down drop, there are a couple of airtime hills, a 'zero-g' roll, and three inversions along the way."

The single rail also allows a very smooth and very fast ride along the track.  It also includes a full display in the line waiting to get onto the ride outlining the history of Wonder Woman.

Purvis says it is the first thrill road to focus on the career of Wonder Woman, and joins mail superheroes Batman and Superman in the theme park.

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