Its an 'Ozone Action Day' to Clean the Air

Today is one of those 'Ozone Action Days,' where the air may be too smoggy for people with asthma and other breathing problems, the elderly, and children, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Ozone Action Days encourage local residents not to gas up until after 6PM, avoid drive through lanes (because parking and going inside creates less smog than waiting in the drive through lane with your motor idling) and carpool or take the bus if possible.No outdoor burning should take place today.

You should also leave the gasoline powered lawnmower in the garage today, because those small gas engines are dirty to operate.

The region has been declared to be out of compliance with tougher urban clean air standards, but so far, has avoided penalties due to the region's strong air quality plan.

But potentially, federal authorities could require us to use more expensive, cleaner gasoline, undergo California-style annual emissions checks as part of our annual auto inspection, restrict new employers moving into the area and even has the authority to order all speed limits in the metro reduced to a maximum of 55 mph.


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