New Forecast Predicts Drenching Rains for Today


All of South Central Texas.

Threats & Impacts:

Rainfall: Event totals of 1 to 3 inches, with isolated amounts of 5-6 inches possible. 

(Moderate to high confidence)Hail: Up to 1 inch in diameter.

(Low confidence)

Winds: Marginally severe winds up to 60 mph. 

(Low confidence)

Tornadoes: Minimal, but not a zero threat. 

(Lowest confidence)


Timing and Overview:

A  line of strong and marginally severe storms will move through South  Central Texas throughout the day today. Storms are expected to reach the  I-35 corridor from the west by around the noontime hour and be capable  of producing 1-2" per hour rainfall rates. The slow progression of this  line could result in some areas experiencing localized flash flooding.  1-3 inches of rainfall is expected for most areas, but isolated amounts  of 5-6 are possible. 

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