Final Four Boosts SAT to Record Month

The Final Four, coupled with new service from Frontier and American Airlines, led to record traffic at San Antonio International Airport in the first quarter of 2018, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

848,000 passengers passed through the airport in March, up more than 10% from March of 2017.

During peak periods in March, the TSA at the airport was processing 1200 outbound passengers an hour.

The Final Four was a huge boost, as charter and executive flights boosting the total flight total to 989 arrivals and 1010 departures during Final Four week.

The new commercial flights, including new and additional service to Toronto and Mexico City, helped contribute to the increase, officials said.

The airport has been under fire from several community leaders for a lack of non stop flights, and was cited by County Judge Nelson Wolff as a reason why the region didn't bid to be the new home of  But the alleged shortcomings at the airport were not mentioned in the debate over whether San Antonio should host the Republican National Convention.

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