When is the Best Time to Buy Gas?

With gas prices going up, everybody wants to figure out how to save some money, so GasBuddy.com has some answers, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The company crunched data from gas stations around San Antonio and around the state, and determined that Monday is the best day of the week to gas up.  That is similar to the lowest priced time in most states, which is generally Sunday or Monday.

But AVOID the gas station today!  GasBuddy says Wednesday is the most expensive day to buy gas in Texas.  That is completely different than almost every other state, due to differences in the times that gasoline is delivered to stations.

In most states, Thursday and Friday are the most expensive.

Monday is also the best day of the week to find smaller crowds at gas stations.

And...if you really want to save money, gas up between 8AM and 10AM on Monday.  That is easily the time of the week when gas prices are the lowest they're going to get.

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