Support for RNC Bid Slipping at City Hall

It looks like support is rapidly dwinding at City Hall for the idea of San Antonio bidding to host the 2020 Republican National Convention, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports

.In his annual State of Dowtown speech on Tuesday, downtown Councilman Roberto Trevino, in whose district the event would take place, said he agrees with several groups which have said hosting the convention would jeopardize San Antonio's lucrative trade and tourism relationship with Mexico.  President Trump has criticized Mexican citizens repeatedly.

“Short-term economic gains should never be confused with sustainable economic development," Trevino said.  "As such, it is my belief that the fiscal benefit of hosting the current administration’s Republican National Convention in San Antonio does not outweigh the tremendous respect we have for our cultural heritage."

And northwest side Councilman Greg Brockhouse criticized Mayor Nirenberg for his decision to discuss whether to bid for the convention in a closed session of City Council on Thursday.  The City has invoked the 'economic development' clause in the Open Meetings Law to justify the closed session.

“Mayor Nirenberg has called for a Closed Meeting (Executive Session) to discuss proceeding with a potential bid submission for the 2020 Republican National Convention," Brockhouse said in a statement.  "I asked the City Attorney to review this request to ensure compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act. Generally speaking, City Council cannot and should not make decisions or enact policy in Executive Session.

 "While I wait for the legal guidance, it is my belief the decision to bid should be held in an Open Meeting. If we are truly striving to be a welcoming and inclusive City, deciding whether or not to deny an organization based on their political beliefs is a dangerous precedent that shouldn’t be done behind closed doors. The public deserves total transparency and to know where elected officials stand on this critical decision.”

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