Target Store Evacuated After Threats of Shootings, Bombings

It was a scary night shift at a southwest side Target store overnight, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police say somebody stole a walkie-talkie that managers use to communicate with workers inside the store, and started telling the workers that he was on his way to the store to shoot everybody.  He also told them he had planted several bombs inside the store.

Police arrived and quickly evacuated the Target store in the 2800 block of Southwest Military, which is in the commercial area just west of South Park Mall.

As police bomb squad and a canine team scoured the store, but could find no evidence of any bombs planted there.

They still have not located the stolen walkie-talkie, or the person who used it to make the threats.When he is found, police say he could face felony charges of 'Making Terroristic Threats.'

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