Battle of Flowers Parade is the Centerpiece of Fiesta

The Battle of Flowers Parade, the centerpiece of Fiesta, is bigger and will start earlier this year, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The 9:30 AM start from the usual location at Grayson and Broadway right in front of the Pearl Complex will mean less worry about sunstroke.  The temperature at the start of the parade will be in the early sixties and the weather will be perfect for a parade, with a light breeze and plenty of sunshine.

But a half a million people or more watching a parade is a recipe for injuries, says Emergency Room Dr. Nayeli Rudolfo at Downtown Baptist Hospital.

Even though heat stroke cases are likely to be down due to the earlier start, she says she expects to see plenty of sprains and breaks in legs and arms as parade watchers scramble in the four and five deep crowds along the street to get a good look and that perfect selfie.

She says food related emergencies are also not uncommon during Fiesta.

"Related to the food and the alcohol we get pancreatitis and people come in with abdominal pain and vomiting," she said.

The Battle of Flower Parade, which dates back to 1891, is the only parade in the nation which is produced entirely by women.

11,000 marchers will participate on floats, on horseback, and as part of marching band s and pep squads.

It is also a winner for charities, which have the rights to sell more than 45,000 of the best seats to raise money for their causes.

And Battle of Flowers Day is also a regional holiday.

Most schools and both the San Antonio City and Bexar County governments are shut down today, as are a lot of private businesses along the parade route, chiefly because customers won't be able to get to them due to the closed streets.

There will, however, be regular Friday garbage collection today.

But sometimes it's difficult to remember that outside the San Antonio 'bubble,' today is just another day.  Fiesta doesn't mean anything to the Post Office or Wall Street, which will be operating as usual today.

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