One of the Oldest Fiesta Events Strikes up the Band Tonight

It's time to strike up the band, as one of the oldest Fiesta traditions steps out at Alamo Stadium tonight, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

This will be the 80th Battle of Flowers Band Festival, dating back to before the construction of Alamo Stadium, which has been the home of the colorful event for decades.

Tonight 4300 members of 30 San Antonio area marching bands, along with 600 flag twirlers will hit the field in colorful performances, which will include the traditional 'massed band' marches.

There will also be the Herald Trumpeters, an all brass ensemble  made up of the top 30 trumpet players in the city--the first chair from each participating high school band.

The theme will be '300 Timeless Treasures,' in honor of the city's Tricentennial, but the Band Festival itself has become a timeless treasure of Fiesta.

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