Assault on an Officer Leads to 100 MPH Police Chase Near Elemedorf

A man slugged an Elmendorf police officer early today during a routine traffic stop, and then jumped back into his pickup and led law enforcement on a wild chase through the south side, reaching speeds of 100 miles an hour, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

It all started about 2:15 AM on Highway 181 south when the officer stopped the vehicle for an unspecified violation.  Police say the man got out of his pickup and assaulted the officer, then got back into his pickup and took off down Highway 181 South to I-37 Northbound, all the way to I-10 East to Foster Road.

A DPS helicopter was then called in to follow the speeding suspect with its spotlight.

At that point, deputies were able to throw down tire spikes which slowed the guy but didn't stop him.  He finally was forced to pull off into a parking lot on Southeast Military, where he was arrested by DPS Troopers and Bexar County Deputies.

The man will face multiple charges, including evading in a vehicle, reckless driving, and assault on a police officer. No word why he was motivated to assault the officer and flee.

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