Police: Viva Tacoland Bartender May Have Spiked Women's Drinks, Raped Them

A creepy case of sexual assault, as police say a bartender at a trendy Pearl-area restaurant may have slipped some sort of drug into two women's drinks and then raped them, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police Sgt. Michelle Ramos says Dillonger Hackett, 30, is charged with sexual assault.

"She and her friend went to this restaurant where they met the suspect," Ortiz said. "Then, after a certain period of time, they didn't recall what happened."

She says Hackett, who was tending bar at the Viva Tacoland Restaurant on Grayson Street and he brought the drinks to the women at their table.

Later in the evening, surveillance video shows Hackett arriving at the Hotel Emma in the Pearl with the two women.  She says one of them woke up in the hotel, where the two women were staying, and recalled being sexually assaulted by Hackett, and went to a hospital to file a police report and get tested.

"Soon after the incident, they don't recall much, they do recall being back at their hotel room, and one victim does recall being sexually assaulted."

Ortiz says tests are underway to determine if the drinks were spiked, and, if so, charges against Hackett, who Ortiz has a record for narcotics and alcohol related charges, could be upgraded to aggravated sexual assault.

Viva Tacoland said in a statement it is 'shocked' to hear about the charges and is 'fully cooperating with police.'

Police are urging any other women who think they may have been victims of Hackett to call detectives.


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