Wonder Woman Makes Her Appearance at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Wonder Woman is standing tall at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

A bright silver statue of the super hero was unveiled in front of her namesake roller coaster, the Wonder Woman Golden Lasso, as fireworks flew in the background.

"What makes Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster unique from all other coasters on earth, is the fact that you are riding on a tiny rail, a 16 inch rail, which really gives you the feeling of riding on top of a rocket, Six Flags Fiesta Texas President Jeffrey Siebert said.

He says the thrilling experience of riding on a roller coaster where you literally will not be able to see the track beneath you will be a 'destination experience' and will boost the entire city's tourism picture this summer.

It gives the rider the sense of flying...like a super hero.

"We are going to begin with a series of technical rehearsals over the next several weeks, and then we will have an official grand opening in May."

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