Routine Traffic Stop on 410 Leads to Wild Chase

A routine traffic stop on Loop 410 on the north side overnight turned into something out of a 'Blues Brothers' movie, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police say an officer tried to pull over a vehicle for a routine violation when the driver decided instead to floor it and try to speed away.

That never works, and it didn't work for this guy either, who managed to drive for a good thirty feet before slamming into a center median wall.

Then, three people got out and ran into the Target store at the former Central Park Mall, with police in pursuit.  They ran through the store and out the other side, with two suspects managing to get over a fence and into the neighborhood south of the Park North Center.

A third runaway was captured.

As for the driver who caused all the trouble, he wasn't going anywhere.  His leg was wedged in the car due to the force of the collision with the median.

He had be be cut out of the wreckage and taken to the hospital.  The other man who was captured will also face charges.

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