Man Charged With 'Threatening to Kill 200' at U.T. Austin

A 23 year old man in the Houston suburb of Crosby was arrested on Sunday and charged with making a series of terroristic threats against the University of Texas at Austin, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

According to a U.T. statement, Sean Haddon is charged with making terroristic threats, and he is held in Harris County on bonds totaling $300,000.

UTPD Chief David Carter says it all started April 7, when Hadden allegedly called the university police early in the morning and threatened to 'put a pipe bomb in the lobby of the police department' and demanded payment in Bitcoin unless the dispatcher 'engaged in sexual acts.'

In later phone calls, Hadden allegedly threatened to shoot the dispatcher and again demanded sexual acts from the dispatcher.

And then on April 13, Carter says Haddon called the UT Human Resources Service Center and promised to 'shoot up the University and kill at least 200 people.'

Officials say they don't know if Haddon was ever actually on the UT campus, and they have no idea what his motive may have been.

Coming as they did less than a month after the series of bombings that rattled Austin probably didn't help.

Officials promptly determined that the calls all came from the same person, and a warrant was issued for Hadden's release.  

Officials did not issue a campus wide security alert, saying they have determined there never was any actual danger to the campus.

Last year a homeless teenager fatally stabbed a teenaged UT student on campus, causing unease about safety on the Forty Acres.


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