Colorful Tricentennial Art Adorns University Hospital

It’s back to the future today at University Hospital, where structural weaver Doerte Weber is using techniques and designs centuries old to create a ‘bright and touchable’ piece of Tricentennial art for the lobby of the main hospital called ‘Thirty Blooming Leaves of Mexico,’ News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

And the design used for the art is a lot older than San Antonio, or Mexico.

“It started in 800 AD in Persia,” she said.  “Then it went to northern Europe, then to Spain, then to Mexico with the Spaniards, and then here to Texas,” she said of her art.

And the works themselves are made from used plastic newspaper bags, from the San Antonio Express-News to the Wall Street Journal.

“It shows that it is not the end, it may even be the beginning.”

She plans to make thirty of the colorful works of art, one for ever ten years of San Antonio’s existence.

“Think of the migration, it’s just like San Antonio,” she said.  “Many cultures have made up the pattern and made it what is is today.”

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