Bats Found on Campus of Brennan H.S.

Letters have been sent to parents of students at Brennan High School, in the Northside ISD, notifying them that bats have been seen on school grounds, and one student was bitten when he touched one of the bats, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The bat that bit the student has been determined to be infected with rabies.

Bobby Perez, a spokesman for the district, says it is unclear right now where the bats are coming from.

“Both bats were found outside of the school, no bats have been found inside the building,” he said.

He says the school is using the bats as a ‘teaching opportunity.’

“While an animal may look injured or harmed, you want to help them and you may want to take precautions.”

And he says students are being warned not to touch any bats they may find on school grounds.

“We have located an area on the campus where bats may be getting into a wall, but we have not found a colony, we have not found a nest.”

He says the effort to locate the bats and get them off the Brennan High School campus is ongoing.


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