The Lastest On Strikes Against Syria

President Trump Hosts Turkey's President Erdogan At The White House

9:25PM - Wave Of Airstrikes Against Syria Is Over Defense Secretary James Mattis says a wave of precision airstrikes against Syrian targets is over.  The military operation was a response to the recent, deadly chemical weapons attacks in Syria.  In a Pentagon briefing tonight, Mattis said no further airstrikes are planned at this time.  Great Britain and France joined the U.S. in the Syria operation, which focused on three targets.  Mattis said the aim was to destroy Syria's chemical weapons infrastructure.  He argued that the Syrian regime is guilty of violating international laws.  Mattis called on all civilized nations to unite against the Syrian regime.  He said the allies went to great lengths to avoid civilian and foreign casualties.  Mattis noted that there have been no reports of U.S. casualties.  Meantime, Russian forces are in Syria and Joint Chiefs Chairman Joe Dunford said precautions were taken to avoid hitting them.  He said Russia was not notified about the impending strikes.  

9:00 PM: The Pentagon is expected to have a press conference at 9PM

8:24 PM: U.S., France, UK Launch Attacks On Syria - The United States, France, and the United Kingdom are launching joint strikes against Syria, and huge explosions are lighting up the skies of Syria's capital city of Damascus.  In an evening statement, President Trump said the strikes are aimed at Syrian targets associated with chemical weapons.  Trump has been mulling the U.S. response to a Syrian chemical attack for days.  The attack killed dozens of people in a town outside Damascus.

8:00PM - President Trump says the U.S. is launching a military operation against Syria in retaliation against a chemical weapons attack.  Dozens of people were killed in the chemical attack on a town outside Damascus.  Trump remarked that precision strikes on Syria have been launched, and can continue until Syria stops its use of chemical agents.  Trump added that Russian President Vladimir Putin had promised the world it would work towards getting rid of Syria's chemical weapons.  He remarked that Russia has failed to keep that promise, and must decide whether it will continue its "dark path."

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