Facebook is Notifying Victims of Data Use--S.A. Expert Speaks Out

Some 87 million Facebook users got a nasty note this week saying their personal information was harvested by Cambridge Analytica, and cyber security experts say this could have a big impact on your bank account Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

"Things that I get concerned about are the more sensitive bits of information that get used to verify my identity for financial services," Bret Piatt, head of the San Antonio-based Jungle Disk, says.

The Facebook warnings this week tells users what information was unknowingly shared.  He says it's important to take a look at that, in order to determine your risk.  Items of concern are birth dates and mother's maiden name, which would be available if users are friends with relatives on the social media site. 

Those are valuable to hackers.

"They can use those breadcrumbs to piece together a way to identity theft or financial fraud," he explains.

What can users do?

Piatt says, in most cases, nothing.  While it's easy to get a new email account, it's impossible to change your birthday.  But he urges Facebook users to go into their privacy settings and lock down their profile.

Members of Congress asked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg this week if the default settings could be changed, so in the future, a locked-down profile would be default.

"This is a complex issue that deserves more than a one word answer, Zuckerberg said.

He admitted to Congress this week that even his personal information was collected by the voter targeting firm that worked for the Donald Trump campaign.

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