7 Seed or 1 Seed, Spurs in Playoffs is Good Economic News For the City

While it's fun for fans to cheer on the Spurs as they continue their playoff streak, the optics of being seen as success has rubbed off on San Antonio, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

Cassandra Matej, who heads Visit San Antonio, says people want to be near winners, and having the spurs in the hunt for a title boosts the city's image.

"When we travel internationally, talking to people and inviting them to San Antonio, they recognize the San Antonio Spurs.

"She says when you bring up the city to people unfamiliar with Texas, they know the Alamo, the Riverwalk and the Spurs. Having that link to sports opens doors.

"It opens up a dialog," she explains. "There is a general boost to the travel sector."

The Spurs playoff streak stands at 21, and even in a year when they did not reach 50 wins, they fact the team is still in the hunt comes with added benefits to the city's economy. When other teams are done for the year, the TV cameras are still coming to San Antonio, showcasing the tourist hotspots.  

Matej says that type of exposure is priceless at they bid for other high-profile events.

"It opens the door for other big events. They know that we have the capacity to host events like the Final Four or the NBA Finals."

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