Inspectors: Bexar County Deputies 'Had Information' About Planned Jailbreak

The Bexar County Sheriff's Office knew as early as last August that inmates were bringing in contraband to the housing location where three accused killer escaped in early March, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

This according to an 'after action report' from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.

"The contraband searchers conducted in August were a direct result of evidence located outside the facility lead officials to believe inmates were throwing handmade lines to the ground in order to obtain items or objects from outside the facility," the report states. "Several lengths of handmade lines were located as well as non-jail issued items. It was also discovered during this search that the metal mesh surrounding the recreation area had been cut, leaving a hole through which the inmates were able to throw their handmade lines to the ground."

In fact, the report claims that guards had 'obtained information regarding an escape plan' in January. The escape took place March 2. Three inmates, all charged with capital murder, were able to escape by cutting the metal mesh in the recreation area. All three were captured within less than an hour and are now back in the jail.

The Commission also made recommendations that the exercise and recreation area be redesigned.

"After observing the size of the exercise area and confirming the square footage of 291 square feet, it was determined that more inmates are being afforded the opportunity to attend recreation that space allows," inspector Wendy Wisneski reported.

Sheriff Javier Salazar says there will be no delay in implementing the items referenced in the report.

"Having passed our two latest annual inspections, being in compliance is our number one priority," the Sheriff said in a statement. "Since the escape, we had undertaken an exhaustive top to bottom inspection of our facility, as well as implementing new security protocols. We look forward to presenting our findings to TCJS as soon as possible, and working with them to regain our compliance status without delay"


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