With DACA in Doubt, Mexico Preparing for a Possible Influx of 'Dreamers'

With President Trump declaring this week that 'DACA is dead' and indications that the Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protected certain young illegal immigrants from deportation, may be allowed to expire, the Mexican government is stepping up its plans to receive as many as 1.5 million young people who may be deported across the Rio Grande, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports

.Reyna Torres Mendivil, who is Mexico's Consul General in San Antonio, says the Mexican government has put together a package, which provides advice to 'Dreamers.'  She says programs have been held at local colleges.

"To get advice from attorneys, go get advice from relatives, to prepare for whatever could come in the future," she said.

At a recent event at a San Antonio campus, more than two dozen 'dreamers' showed up, worried that they will be sent back to a country they have never known.

DACA covers people who came to the United States with their illegal immigrant parents, when they were dependents, defined as under the age of 15.  Many of them came when they were two years old or less, many don't know Spanish, and have no idea how to function as a resident of Mexico, a country many have never seen.

In addition to the uncertainty over the future of DACA, Torres says the hard line being taken by the Trump Administration toward immigrants generally has many planning for what their future might hold.

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