'Getaway Day' Expected to Be Super-Busy at SAT

With 93,000 people who traveled to San Antonio for the Final Four participating in 'getaway day' today, this could be among the busiest days ever for San Antonio International Airport, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The Airport says a jazz group will be performing in the terminals from 6AM until 1PM today to help travelers get through the hassle of long lines and packed planes.

The Airport has released several pointers to make the travel day go more smoothly:Checked Baggage Tips:·

        If you purchased an Official NCAA Final Four Game Program, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recommends that you travel with this item in your carry-on bag through the security checkpoint

·        All glossy magazines tend to require a secondary search when left in your checked baggage which could lead to delays when your bag is processed.Checkpoint Tips:·        Arrive at least 2 hours prior to your departure

.·        Do not bring bottles of water or soda to the checkpoint.  Limit liquids, gels and aerosols to 3.4 ounces or less and in a one quart zip lock bag. (TSA only allows one bag per person)

·        After you check in with the airline, start placing wallet, cell phone and other items from your pocket into a zippered compartment in your carry-on bag.

Security Enhancements:

·        Passengers may recognize a number of minor changes to routine airport procedures in and around the security checkpoint.

·        These procedures are designed to enhance security, while preserving safe and efficient operations, and may include modifying checkpoint qeueing processes.

·        Although checkpoint screening lines may at times appear longer than normal, additional resources have been deployed to optimize screening so customers should not experience abnormal delays.

·        We encourage passengers to follow the instructions and recommendations of airport teammates who will be highly visible throughout the terminals.

Flights from San Antonio to Philadelphia will be pretty festive. Flights from San Antonio to Ann Arbor--not so much.

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