Final Four to be National Center for Sex Trafficking This Weekend


With tons of people converging on San Antonio from Kansas, Michigan, Chicago, Philly, and across the country, the Alamo City this weekend will be the national prostituion capital, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

And, with prostitution today largely controlled by sex trafficking gangs, the Department of Homeland Security is ramping up to fight back against the influx of women being trafficked for sex, largely against their will, so other people can pocket large profits.

"You're going to have people in town, wanting to have a good time, attending the games, and also attending social events," said Vance Callender, the Deputy Special Agent in Charge of Homeland Security Iinvestigations in San Antonio.  "So its an opportunity for people in the sex trafficking business to try to make a profit, even more than normal."

He says the Super Bowl and other sporting events, which are likely to being together predominately young and largely male crowds, are ripe for sex trafficking gangs.

"It does make it a little more advantageous for us because the traffickers will be taking more risks to get more business, so it is a good opportunity for us."

He says this is a good opportunity for 'if you see something say something.'  He says a large majority of women who are working as prostitutes at an event like the Final Four are not brain surgeons looking to pick up a few extra bucks.  They are in fact sex slaves, who are being forced to turn tricks by violent gangs.

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