Villanova Faithful Will Make Themselves Heard This Week in San Antonio


'Nova Nation has good memories of Final Fours in Texas, and there are expected to be plenty of people making the trip from Philadelphia to San Antonio to watch the Wildcats in this weekend's Final Four at the Alamodome.

It was just two years ago that Villanova won the National Championship over favored North Carolina on a last second buzzer-beater in Houston, and Kristen Gobberg, Villanova '12, a University of Texas staffer and President of the Villanova Alumni Association in Austin, tells News Radio 1200 WOAI they hope the Wildcats' Texas magic stays alive in San Antonio.

She says the Villanova family is ready.

"Getting watch parties together, getting transportation to San Antonio, everybody is just so fired up," she said.

All this week, 1200 WOAI news will be taking a look at prominent Texans who are friends and alumni of the four colleges that are in the Final Four.

Another prominent Villanova graduate, San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus, concedes that he isn't much of a basketball fan.

"I may stop around and say hello to the coach and say hi to some of the players," McManus said.

Gobberg says there are an estimated 2300 Villanova alumni, parents, and friends in Texas, and she wouldn't be surprised if every one of them is in the Alamodome on Saturday.

"Really to celebrate what Villanova has done for us as alums,"

She says the Texas alumni chapters' phones have been ringing like crazy with calls from eastern Pennsylvania and across the country as Nova Nation makes plans to attend the tournament.

"Any way you can get to Texas," she says she tells them.  "Then we will get together for transportation to San Antonio.

"She says the Villanova faithful plan Riverwalk pep rallies and other events before the semi finals on Saturday and, hopefully, the Final game at the Dome Monday night.

Photo: Getty Images

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