Pictures: The San Antonio #MarchForOurLives Rally Against School Violence

A crowd estimated at well over one thousand people gathered on the front steps of San Antonio City Hall today for the local part of the nationwide "MarchForOurLives rally to protest gun violence at schools, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The crowd was passionate but well mannered as speaker after speaker called for restirctions on gun purchases.

The rally's official goal is to outlaw the AR-15, as well as require all gun purchasers to not only complete a background check, but also to take a safety course, much like the course required to obtain a handgun license in Texas.

A family from Parkland Florida, the site of the Valentine's Day school massacre, got the largest applause at the San Antonio rally, which attracted many people from across the country who are visiting the city, or are in town for the Final Four next weekend.

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