Austin PD confirming Goodwill incident not related to other bombs

UPDATE: Austin officials are confirming that the incident tonight in Austin was not related to a series of package bombings.  Austin Assistant Police Chief Ely Reyes explained that the scare tonight at a Goodwill store was the result of an old military-type ordinance that went off in an employee's hands.  The two "artillery simulators" were in a box that someone dropped off.  That employee is recovering from his injuries.  Austin has been rocked by a series of package bombings that have left two people dead.  A bomb that exploded at a San Antonio FedEx facility overnight was connected to four others that went off in Austin this month.  There was also another bomb that was found intact in Austin today.One injured in Southwest Austin explosion                                                                                

EARLIER REPORT 7:27PM: An explosion was reported in southwest Austin on Tuesday evening, but authorities do not believe that this is related to the previous explosions. 

The explosion happened at the Goodwill on 9801 Brodie Lane around 7 p.m. 

It was not package explosion, according the Austin Police Department, and the "items inside package was not a bomb, rather an incendiary device."

Incendiary devices are designed to start fires. 

One person was injured, however. A man in his 30s was transported to the hospital with serious, but non-life threatening injuries. 

FBI and ATF are also at the scene. 

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