This is the Busiest Time of the Year for Vascectomies-For an Unusual Reason


This is the busiest time of the year for urologists performing vasectomies, and for a reason you might not expect, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Dr. Naveen Kella, at The Urology Place practice in San Antonio, tells News Radio 1200 WOAI that vasectomy requires patients to sit quietly at home for a few days after undergoing the procedure, so many men choose March Madness, so they can watch plenty of college basketball, so they can watch the flurry of NCAA Tournament games without getting in trouble at work.

"It's become a convenient time for men, a lot of them like watching the tournament," he said.  "It is convenient for them to get it done during the tournament, because they will be laying on the couch, watching a lot of these games."

And, Dr. Kella says while many companies have cracked down on watching NCAA Tournament games at work as a huge productivity killer, this way your big basketball fan can overdoes on Villanova vs. Bucknell, complete with a doctor's excuse!

"It's the perfect chance for someone to get a medical procedure done, stay at home, and have a note which gives them permission to watch a lot of basketball."

Dr. Kella says vasectomy is becoming more and more common as the 'stigma' vanished, and the procedure can now be done so it doesn't affect a man's sex life at all."There is no difference that men can tell," he said. "

You still have the same testosterone, you have the same sensations you have always had during sexual activity, it's just that there aren't any sperm."

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