Teen Rescued From Cave

An 18 year old LEE High School senior was finally rescued from Robber Baron cave off Nacogdoches Rd. in Alamo Heights about 11:30PM Thursday night, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.  She had been trapped n there for about nine hours.

"We will be transporting hee to SAMMC for further evaluation, but at this time we are reporting no injuries," Fire Chief Charles Hood said.  "She is a trooper.  I don't know if I could be in a situation like that without absolutely losing it."

The teen was on a field trip to the popular urban park when several students entered the portion of the cave known as 'The Hole in the Ground.'  The others got out, but the girl became wedged between several pieces of rock.

Hood says it was a delicate operation to free her.

"One of the challenges for us was, if we work to make that hole bigger, she would slip down, and her chest and diaphram would then be in that rock area, making it hard for her to breathe."

Several dozen fire and rescue units rotated in and out during the nine hour rescue operation, and the student's parents came in from Houston while the operation was underway.

Photos: Spectrum News

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