West Side Car Wreck Leads to Shooting

A west side traffic accident early today led to gunfire that left a man in critical condition, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police say a car was traveling down Saunders Street, which is not far from Lanier High School, about 2AM, when, for some reason, the driver lost control and jumped the curb. The can crashed into a house.

The driver and a passenger got out of the car and ran away, but then one of them realized it might be a good idea to go back and get the car.

But when they returned, a neighbor who lives next door to the house that was hit stormed out of his front door and started screaming at the driver of the car.

That's when the passenger pulled a gun and fired several times. The neighbor, a 39 year old man, was shot several times and was critically hurt. He was rushed to University Hospital.

The driver and passenger ran away, but, obviously, since police have their car, it won't be hard to track them down.

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