Carlos Uresti Hit With Divorce Petition

Things continue to go south for State Senator Carlos Uresti, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Less than  two weeks after the end of Urestis sensational fraud trial in federal court, which resulted  in his conviction on all eleven counts, Margaret Uresti, his wife of six years, has hit the Senator with a divorce petition.

Margaret Uresti cites adultery as the grounds, claiming in the petition, respondents treatment of the petitioner has been of a nature that renders further living together insupportable.  Mrs. Uresti supported her husband throughout his trial and when the guilty verdicts were announced.

Urestis criminal trial was full of testimony about his affair  with an investor in Fourwinds Logistics, a scam fracking sand company, including talk of sex in Urestis law office, and flirting in an elevator.

Urest is awaiting sentencing on those convictions, and he faces a second federal trial  in a separate case in May.  He is also being sued for fraud by the woman he was allegedly intimately involved with.  Uresti has denied the two had a sexual relationship.

Mrs. Uresti also asks the court to prohibit the Senator from placing one or more telephone calls, anonymously, at any unreasonable hour, in an offensive and repetitive manner, or without a legitimate purpose of communication.

She also seeks protection from Uresti causing or threatening her physical harm,  or communicating with her in vulgar, profane, or indecent language.

She also seeks possession of the couples million dollar home in Helotes.

Uresti is also under increasing pressure from fellow Democrats, to resign his seat in the wake of his conviction.  Uresti says the conviction is being appealed.

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