San Antonio College Investigating Disruption at Pro Life Display

San Antonio College says its Office of Student Conduct is investigating an incident that went viral, where a man and a woman, unknown if they are students at SAC, are seen harassing a pro life demonstration on  campus, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"The incident involved two individuals protesting the anti abortion display, and resulted in Alamo Colleges dispatching officers to the scene," SAC said in a statement released to 1200 WOAI.  "According to ACPD, the incident is currently under investigation. The incident was also reported to the Office of Student Conduct."

The video shows a woman screaming obscenities while a man appears to be spray painting signs erected by the pro life group. The identities of the people and their affiliation, if any, is not known.

"This behavior is becoming more commonplace on university campuses," said Mark Harrington of the group Created Equal, which sponsored the exhibition, entitled 'Victims of Abortion. "Sadly, those who support killing babies are also willing to break the law in other ways too."

The video clearly shows several people recording the protesters, who don't seem fazed by it. It is not known who the man and the woman are, or whether they are members of a pro choice group.

“An entire generation is being trained on college campuses to violently object to opposing views. Long past are the days when civility was the norm. Tragically, censoring speech is becoming an acceptable way of disagreeing with differing views," Harrington said.

SAC said in its statement, "San Antonio College is committed to providing a safe learning environment where faculty, staff, students, and the surrounding community can engage in civil discourse protected by the First Amendment."


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