Suspect Arrested While Picking up Money from Robbery

A not-so-bright robber is in custody following a wild early morning chase by Castle Hills Police, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

It began when three man broke into a business in the 7100 block of Blanco Rd. in Castle Hills.

Police were on to them from the start, and chased then down Blanco to 410, then up and down Vance Jackson, Fredericksburg  and Blanco Roads before they bailed out on Edison St. in the Los Angeles Heights neighborhood.  At one point during the chase, the men threw the cash they had stolen in the robbery out the window of the car.

After their car came to a halt at Edison and Angeles, two of the suspects ran away, but the third had the brilliant idea to go back and try to recover the cash that had been tossed from the car during the chase.

He found himself surrounded by police and was arrested.

The other two men remain at large.

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