Woman Steals Ambulance-While Paramedics are Treating Patient!

A woman in her twenties is facing serious charges after police say she stole an ambulance early today while its crew was inside a northwest side home treating a patient, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

EMS was called to the 7400 block on Timberhill on a call for a medical emergency about 4AM on a report of a medical emergency.

While the team of paramedics was inside evaluating the patient, the ambulance was left outside with its red lights flashing, as is Fire Department policy.

Police say while the team was inside the house, the woman jumped into the ambulance and drive away, the lights still flashing.

The woman headed down Culebra Rd, and police got a call for a woman driving erratically in an ambulance.

Police chased the ambulance all around Westover Hills, finally boxing her in on Senisa Springs Street where she was arrested.

Nobody was hurt.  No word on the status of the patient the ambulance was called to help.

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