H-E-B Introduces App to Allow Shoppers to Bypass Check Out Lines Completely

How about walking out of your neighborhood H-E-B store with bags stuffed with groceries, and never once stopping at the check out counter?  It's not shoplifting, its the future, and it is being tested at two H-E-B stores in San Antonio, downtown and at I-10 and Dezavala, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Called H-E-B Go, the grocery chain's Julie Bedingfield says it enables you to buy and pay for your items on your smart phone.

"You just walk through the store and place things that you're purchasing in your basket as you walk through it," she said.  "You scan the bar code, and you have your running list of running receipt of things you are buying as you are walking through the store."

She says when you are done shopping, you push a 'pay' button on the app.

"As you head for the exit, you hit 'pay' and you show your receipt to one of our partners at the door as you leave the store," she said.  "It is that easy."

She says the app will still allow you to do all of the things that accompany grocery shopping, including using coupons, and bagging your groceries.

"There will still be bags available, you can bring your reusable bags, you can use the cart, too."

But the one thing you won't have to do any more is stand in long check out lines, which shoppers routinely say is the most annoying thing about grocery shopping.

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