Massive Meth Seizure At South Texas Border Checkpoint

Just two days ago, 1200 WOAI news reported that meth addiction is making a roaring comeback, powered by the importation of cheap and super strong meth manufactured by Mexican cartels.

Customs and Border Protection reports that two men, a Guatemalan citizen and a Cuban citizen, both living in Houston, were found to be trying to drive across the Los Indios International Bridge in Los Indios, in the Rio Grande Valley, with 137 pounds of meth stuffed into a hidden compartment in their Chevy Tahoe.

The street value of the meth was listed by CBP at $2.7 million dollars.

The two would-be smugglers were turned over to Homeland Security Investigations.

1200 WOAI news reported on Monday that Mexican cartels have taken advantage of a 2006 U.S. law called the 'Stop Meth Act' to step up meth production and smuggling into the U.S.

The 'Stop Meth Act' required that pseudoephedrine and other drugs which were being used to manufacturing 'bathtub meth' be placed behind the counter and its sales restricted.

The result, is that the cartels have begun producing meth that we are told is far more potent and far cheaper than anything created in bathtubs, and the number of Americans who are addicted to the highly addictive substance is now far greater than before the 'Stop Meth Act' was approved.


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