Olympic Ice Skating Heating Up Local Rinks


All eyes are on the Olympic ice skating events, which are by far the most popular event of the Winter Olympics, and local ice rinks are seeing a bump because of it, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

At the Ice and Golf Center at Northwoods, Betty Standifer says they have seen an influx of customers lured by the example of the picture perfect skaters at the Olympics.

"Around this time, whenever the Olympic roll around, we get a whole lot of skaters coming in," she said.  "Mostly, its people who don't know how to skate."

She says even though San Antonio is not known as a place for winter sports, things do get busy during the Winter Olympics, and she says the ice skaters are always the big draw.

"It sparked a real big interest," she said.  "The learn-to-skate classes have really grown this year."

But one Olympic sport is not offered at the Ice and Golf Center.  She says if curling is your thing, you'll have to head to the Great White North.

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