Patrick Closes State Capitol to Wendy Davis Movie

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says if Hollywood wants to make a movie about the political life of former State Senator and 2014 candidate for Governor Wendy Davis, they'll have to find someplace else to make it, because the State Capital and the Senate chamber will not be available, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"They've already disgraced it once, I'm not going to let them do it again," Patrick told the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation.

The movie, tentantively called 'Let Her Speak,' will tell the story of the 13 hour filibuster Davis mounted in the second Special Legislative Session in 2013 when she talked against severe abortion restrictions being proposed by the Republican majority.

The movie is expected to star Sandra Bullock, an Austin resident as Davis.

Even though Davis became a national celebrity for her filibuster, which did not prevent the bill from becoming law.  Davis was clobbered by more than 20 percentage points by Republican Greg Abbott in the 2014 race for governor, which is not expected to be included in the movie.

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