City Moves to Enhance Downtown Lighting

The City of San Antonio wants to light up the night.

News Radio 1200 WOAI reports Council voted to spend $500,000 on a Downtown Lighting Master Plan, which will include 'streetlights, pedestrian lighitng, and architectural lighting.Downtown Councilman Roberto Trevino says all types of lighting will enhance safety and will show off the city's unique downtown spaces.

"This urban core has some unique and amazing history," he said.  "It is peppered with amazing spaces, amazing environments, and lighting is going to help enhance all that."

Several cities have creatively used lighting not just to keep streets safer, but to draw attention in dramatic ways to the unique landscape, parks, and buildings in the city, enhancing the atmosphere for both tourists and local residents.

There were questions asked about the price of the project, half of which will be paid by CPS Energy, but northside Councilman Greg Brockhouse asked why it is only being limited to two narrow areas of downtown.

"That's a very small footprint," he said.  "I would like to engage the staff to make sure each of us has an individual lilghting plan for their individual district."

Brockhouse said one of the key concerns he hears from residents is that streets aren't safe after dark due to inadequate lighting.

Questions were also asked about the way lighting will be replaced when it burns out.The City will now seek out a consultant to put together the master plan.

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