Long Prison Term for Serial Bank Robber

A man who robbed five San Antonio area banks in the course of three weeks in the summer of 2016 is going to spend ten years in prison after his cunning plan fell apart, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

A federal judge sentenced David Lee Sartin, 31, to 121 months in federal prison, and ordered him to pay back the $26,000 in loot he got in his robbery spree.

The FBI says between July 21 and August 8, 2016, Sartin robbed branches of Comerica, Chase and Amegy Banks, as well as Southwest Research Center Federal Credit Union, and Generations Federal Credit Union branches.

Sartin did it while wearing the same outfit, an olive green suit, a baseball cap, sunglasses, and a unique silicone 'old man' mask.

Didn't work.

When Sartin returned to his north side home following the Amegy Bank heist, FBI agents were waiting for him.

Jason Hathorn, described as Sartin's accomplise, was sentenced to 78 months.

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